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One of the biggest hurdles in completing any home renovation project correctly is the custom design process.  Your house is unique - it has its own sizes and dimensions that may not fit with the ‘standard’ size products on the market in retail stores. You need NOTRE DAME All Install to measure what you have and custom-design the renovation project. Castle’s specialty-chosen All Install contractors will handle all that preliminary work for you in a professional, easy-to-understand manner that will provide you with a clear understanding of your renovation right from the beginning.

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Who better to supply the materials for your home improvement project than Notre Dame All Install. We will visit your home and agree on the materials needed for the project. No more second guessing on the price of material with NOTRE DAME All Install. We can ensure the quality of the labour and the right price on the materials, all at the same time.  Request a quote now.


You get peace of mind when it comeds to your home improvement projects. With NOTRE DAME All Install Design Centre, we keep track of your project like a hawk, because we are putting our name and reputation behind our contractor who installs our products. Our All Install staff have been evaluated for every single project before they arrive at your home. We keep those evaluations on file, constantly urging excellent performance, and making sure only excellent contractors are allowed to work on your home improvement project. Request a quote now.


NOTRE DAME All Install guarantees both the labour and the materials in your home improvement project. We are the experts at knowing what labour and what material is right for you. We proudly back it up - in writing.


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