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Brighten Your Interior: A Guide to Springtime Paint Colours

Brighten Your Interior: A Guide to Springtime Paint Colours

The end of winter means many things – getting back into the garden, watching flowers creep out of their winter slumber, seasonal house cleaning, and, best of all, spring paint colours! At Notre Dame Castle, we consider this one of the best times for interior painting. After months of dreary weather, there's nothing quite like the transformative power of colour to revitalize your living space and lift your spirits. This spring, embrace the latest trends in interior paint colours to brighten your home.

Why Refreshing Paint in Spring is a Great Idea

Before we dip into our favourite paint colours for spring, let's take a moment to understand why we believe spring is the ideal season for interior design projects. After enduring the darkness and cold of winter, many of us crave a change and a fresh start. Refreshing your home with new paint colours can instantly transform its look and feel, creating a sense of renewal and exciting energy. Moreover, studies have shown that colours profoundly impact our mood and well-being.

So, what's hot and trendy for spring paint colours this year? Let's find out.

Spring Pinks

Pink is definitely in the spotlight this year – not just because of Barbie! There's a shade of pink to suit every personality – from soft blush tones to vibrant magentas. Try painting an accent wall in your living room with a rosy hue for a touch of feminine charm. Pair it with complementary colours such as soft greens or muted pastels to create a harmonious and refreshing space.


Nothing says spring quite like the cheerful glow of yellow. Whether you prefer the sunny shades of daffodils or the earthy tones of golden wheat fields, yellow can instantly brighten any room in your home. Try a warm, buttery yellow for a cosy kitchen or a bold mustard hue for a statement-making accent wall in your living room. To balance the vibrancy of yellow, pair it with neutral tones such as whites and creams, or complement it with shades of blue for a fresh and contemporary look. The trick about yellow is finding the best shade, so be thoughtful when painting with this bright and bold spring colour.

Soft Greens

Another colour that shouts spring is green, and we love the range of green shades this year. From forest green to sage to mint, green is a versatile colour that brings about feelings of natural peace and harmony. Paint your bedroom walls a soothing shade of green or use it to add a pop of colour to a bathroom. To create a cohesive and calming space, incorporate natural materials such as wood and rattan into your décor and complement green with earthy clay tones or muted pastels.

Clay Tones

Inspired by the rich hues of terracotta and ochre, clay tones are a popular choice for interior paint colour this spring. Warm and inviting, these earthy hues add depth and sophistication to any room. Consider painting your dining room walls a warm terracotta shade. To enhance the earthy elegance of clay tones, pair them with natural textures such as linen and leather or complement them with soft pinks and muted pastels for a fun and modern twist.

Muted Pastels

For those who prefer a softer approach to colour, muted pastels offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic. From powdery blues to delicate lilacs, these understated hues give any room a sense of peace and refinement. Paint your living room walls a soft lavender shade or add a touch of sophistication to your home office with a cool neutral grey. Mix and match muted pastels with whites and creams or layer them with deeper shades for some added depth and dimension to create a finished look.

Medium Blues

Channelling the serene beauty of the sea, medium blues like seafoam and teal are a popular choice for springtime interiors. Whether dreaming of a coastal retreat or simply craving a dose of tranquillity, blue hues can instantly transport you to sun-drenched shores and salty breezes. Paint your bathroom walls a soothing shade of blue or create a statement wall in your living room in a darker shade with cool teal undertones. To complement the calming effect of blue, pair it with crisp whites and sandy neutrals, or add pops of yellow for a cheerful contrast.

Whites and Creams

While bold colours certainly have their place for springtime paint projects, there's something special about the timeless elegance of whites and creams. Clean, crisp, and endlessly versatile, these classic hues provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing your personal style and décor. Consider painting your kitchen cabinets a bright white for a fresh and modern look, or create a serene oasis in your bedroom with a soft warm shade. To add warmth and depth to a predominantly white space, incorporate natural textures such as wood and rattan or layer whites with soft greys and muted pastels for a sophisticated finish.

Even if you don't have a large budget for a laundry room upgrade, completing small renos and projects like the ones above will add to your home’s overall functionality and vibe. Visit Notre Dame Castle if you need advice about the tools or supplies for your next project. We’re always happy to help!

Complementary Colours for Spring

As you start your springtime painting, have fun experimenting with complementary colours to create a cohesive look throughout your home. Pair soft pinks with muted greens for a fresh and feminine vibe, or combine clay tones with warm yellows for a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Mix and match blues and greens for a tranquil, coastal-inspired aesthetic, or layer whites and creams with subtle pastels for a timeless and elegant finish. Whatever colour palette you choose, let your creativity guide you as you transform your home into a vibrant and welcoming sanctuary this spring.

Are you looking for more ways to brighten your home this spring with interior paint? Come talk to us today at Notre Dame Castle, and we'll help you unravel the mysteries of colour one shade at a time for the perfect spring home makeover.

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