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DIY Easter Projects to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home

DIY Easter Projects to Add a Touch of Spring to Your Home

If you’re looking for an eye-catching floral piece for springtime or a fun Easter craft designed to match anyone’s style, these projects will add the brightness of the season to your home! Visit Notre Dame Castle for more ideas and advice!

1. Mantel Decor

A fireplace in your home is sure to draw the attention of your guests, so dress it up for the season. To create a floral mantel decor for springtime, start by placing a bed of artificial plants. Try leafy garlands as a base, and include bunches or sprays of flowers in pastel colours, such as daisies or tulips. For Easter, include Easter eggs and small bunny statues, or create your mantel decor in an Easter basket.

2. Sophisticated Easter Eggs

If you love the idea of Easter egg decor, but the standard bright and colourful Easter eggs don’t fit your aesthetic, you can make a grown-up version. Check your local dollar store or art supplies store for fake eggs made to decorate so you can create Easter eggs to fit your style.

Try using watercolour paints for muted pastel colours or metallic paints for an elegant look. Try coating your eggs with pearl dust mixed with clear glue for a shiny finish without chunky glitter. Feel free to use pre-cut stencils or stickers to help you create your designs.

3. Paper Garland

Creating a custom garland is an easy way to decorate any part of your home and can also be a fun craft for kids at an Easter party. Start with some twine or ribbon, and use tape to attach decorations. Try cutting out Easter egg shapes from paper and decorating them with markers, paint, or stickers before adding them to your garland. To turn this decorative piece into a family craft, have each person decorate one paper cut-out to add to the garland.

Don’t forget to include artificial flowers, bows, pre-cut felt shapes, beads, or buttons for added interest.

4. Flower Curtain

A flower curtain can replace your regular curtains or hung on a blank wall as a seasonal decorative piece. The base of your curtain is made from artificial flower garlands, which you can make yourself by tying artificial flowers together into long strings. You could purchase already made flowers from your local dollar store or art supplies store.

Hang your garlands vertically side by side, making sure they touch with no space in between, to create a sheet of flowers hanging over your wall or window. This decoration will add a nice pop of colour and brighten your space. If your curtain is over a window, you can use ribbons as curtain tie-backs to let sunshine into your home!

5. Trifle Dish Centrepiece

A trifle dish, usually used for dessert, can be repurposed as an ideal base for the centrepiece of your table! To make an Easter basket-inspired centrepiece, fill the trifle dish with Easter basket grass and top it with colourful Easter eggs, flowers, or other small Easter decorations. You can also put wrapped Easter chocolates, candies, or mints on top of the Easter grass to be set out at dessert time or on a snack table for a fun take on a candy dish.

6. Egg Cup Candle Holder

Candles are a decorative staple of every holiday, and using an egg cup as a candle holder is a great way to make your own Easter candle. Simply place your candle in a heat-safe egg cup, making sure you melt the wax around the base and allow it to cool to keep your candle stable. Use paint or other nonflammable craft decorations to spruce up your egg cup with patterns or colours that match your design scheme.

Capturing the joy that comes with springtime and Easter is easy and fun with these projects made to fit your style. The team at Notre Dame Castle is happy to help you with whatever you need for your springtime decorating!

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