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Give Your Closet a Fashionable and Functional Makeover

Give Your Closet a Fashionable and Functional Makeover

Rows of perfectly organized clothing, back-lit shelves displaying all your favourite accessories, plenty of space to move around, maybe even a nice accent chair to sit on… These are the things that closet dreams are made of. Unfortunately, not all closets are created equal. If your closet isn’t living up to your wardrobe dreams, Notre Dame Castle has a few ideas to give your closet the fashionable and functional makeover you’re looking for.

Clear It Out

A closet overcrowded with clothing is frustrating to sort through and invariably your clothes will end up on the floor as you search for the item you want. The first thing to do when starting your closet makeover is remove the clothes you’re not currently wearing and send them packing. Donate items you no longer wear, store away clothes that are out of season and consider packing away items that are used on very rare occasions, like your formal wear. A great idea for easily storing your out of season clothing is by using vacuum bags, which will compact the clothes to easily fit under your bed or in the attic.

Add Additional Hanging Space

There’s a good chance that some of your clothes aren’t hanging all the way to the floor. You can use the extra space below your existing rod to add another row. This can be done by installing mounts and a rod or hanging a second rod from the existing one. If you need to leave room for long dresses or coats, install a shorter second rod that doesn’t extend the width of the closet.
Like most closets, yours probably has tons of available height, just sitting there unused above your existing rod. Now available are telescoping rods that can be pulled down to hang your clothes and then tucked up out of reach until you need them. You can triple your hanging space in even the smallest closets by adding these two additional rods.

Add Shelving

There are plenty of options for adding shelving to your closet. Create stacked shelves at the bottom of your closet to hold your shoes or double up the shelving above your rod for folded scarves or sweaters. If you have a closet that extends further than the width of the door, this extra out-of-reach space is perfect to build shelves across them. Consider adding wire baskets that hang below your existing shelf to make better use of the shelf you already have. You might even want to hang narrow shelving on the inside of your closet door to hold purses or accessories. There is probably lots of potential in your closet to add this extra storage – you just have to get creative.

Create Dedicated Storage

You can create or purchase specific storage for all kinds of items that will help you get organized. From scarf organizers to belt hangers and shoe racks, find the items that suit your needs, and fit your space. Drawer organizers can be used to keep shelves tidy or purchase baskets or boxes to keep items like hats and scarves together. Add small hooks to the inside of your door for hanging jewelry or a large hook on the inside wall for your robe.

Not all options will work for all closets. Take a look at what you’re working with, as well as what your needs are and decide where you can add the upgrades.

Once you have a plan for organizing and upgrading your closet’s usability, spend some time on making it a beautiful space you’ll love to visit. Paint the interior a rich or bright color or maybe you’d rather install some eye-catching wallpaper. Upgrade the lighting and hang a mirror on the door. Even in the smallest spaces there’s loads of opportunity to give your closet a functional and fashionable makeover.

If you have any questions or need more information, visit Notre Dame Castle. Our team is always available to help in any way we can.

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